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We envision spaces that are sustainable and focus on the holistic well being of its occupants.

Established in 2003, KGD – A Katerra Design Partner is a global design firm that strongly believes in offering holistic and sustainable design solutions that are an amalgamation of sustainable architecture, engineering and technology. With projects located around the world, we aim to design trend-setting spaces that are focused on the betterment of its occupants. We have successfully established a completely integrated practice that offers building solutions based on the principles of socio, economic and ecological sustainability. Read More…

Our Expertise


“KGD – A Katerra Design Partner has worked with us in some of our projects. It’s a great pleasure working with them. Their expertise in design, keen eye on detailing, comprehensive and complete from ideation to implementation is key for their success. Sensitivity to cost , timelines and commitment is a part of the organization’s DNA, liked by us. KGD – A Katerra Design Partner does a wonderful job in identifying client’s need and style appropriate to the end users. The end result is a masterful culmination of what they envisage as a professional designer and the look & feel desired by the client. I wish them all success in their future endeavors.”
Ala Atari PMP, NMTCB, GPHR, Managing Director & CEO, Emirates Specialty Hospital

Corporate Social Responsibility

At KGD – A Katerra Design Partner, we strongly believe in making the world a better place in every way that we can.

Corporate Social Responsibility isn’t just about performing a duty but it is taken up with a lot more seriousness and gusto to bring a consistent development in someone’s life. As designers, we feel a strong sense of responsibility towards the betterment of our society, and we take up every opportunity to enhance the quality of life for our fellow citizens. Based on this belief, our organization has created Development 360 degree, a team which solely focuses and implements ideas for the betterment of the society.
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