Project Description

Project Description

Developed on a 7 acre plot in the land dedicated to SEZ development, SLK Green Park is a nerve centre for the innovation driven from its India Technology centre emphasis on Banking and Manufacturing Sectors. The masterplan integrates built spaces with lush greenery where the office spaces, recreational areas, amenities and varied support facilities are blended aesthetically with zen gardens and a serene water body that creates a harmonic relationship between the built and unbuilt spaces. The services are planned in the perimeter to streamline the movement of vehicles and retain a clash free, green core in the centre. The design encourages people to walk and enjoy the campus thus promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst its users. The stairs are spacious and encourage individuals to use them instead of opting for lifts. Flowing lines, a dance of light and shade and a combination of masses and voids creates interest in the massing of the structures. A sculpture of joined hands that promotes unity further beautifies this campus.  The building is oriented along the N-S to optimize day lighting. The careful selection of materials, whether it be the low-reflection glass for the facade or the use of grey water for irrigation of the landscape- every element is chosen to make the building more eco friendly and to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible.

This structure is the perfect amalgamation of modern construction techniques, sustainable architecture and design measures taken which ensure that the building offers a pleasant working environment. The vision to create a space that encourages people to come together to work in a healthy and positive environment that promotes growth and unity.

Project Details

Location : Bangalore, India
Client : SLK
Scope : Architecture, Structure, MEP, Landscape, Interior Design
Status : Completed
Built up Area : 8,00,000 Sq.Ft