Company Overview

KGD – A Katerra Design Partner is a leading international, integrated practice firm with a diversified portfolio in Design, Engineering and MEPF verticals of the building industry. Established in 2003, the firm has presence in major cities across India which include Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. A team of over 300 employees is a pool of young and dynamic professionals, who bring radically unique ideas to deliver high quality design for our clients and create exclusive signature experiences. The firm has prominence in the verticals of Healthcare, Workplace, Aviation, Hospitality, Education, Commercial, Retail, Residential and Industrial. With a portfolio of 200 plus successfully completed project, the company stands amongst the top design firms in the region.

KGD strongly focuses in providing world class services to its clients and to take the same further, in 2019, partnered with Katerra, a Silicon Valley headquartered construction technology startup. This collaboration brings unique offering in large scale project management making it India’s first company to have design, technology, and offsite manufacturing capabilities. The partnership is also based on the shared vision of delivering – Smarter Buildings, Better Communities, For Everyone.

Our Global Partnership

Katerra is a technology company optimizing the way buildings are designed and constructed. We are a technology company at heart. We are using the tested approach of industrialization to bring greater efficiency to building design and construction. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Katerra has over 700+ projects in progress and 11 factories across America, India, China, and the Middle East employing more than 8000 people. Know More..

Our Goal

Competitive Edge

Setting new benchmarks  by offering designs that are exclusive and unique, custom made for each client as per their requirement and on par with global standards.


The ultimate purpose of every design provided is the client’s welfare. We, at KGD – A Katerra Design Partner focus on creating design solutions that will be positively influence the client. This is done by adopting a sense of employee ownership towards all KGD projects.


Sensitivity to the world around is the core of our practice.  Being sensitive and ethical towards the social, cultural, economic and environmental issues around us  is a highly held professional value within the organization.

Our Vision

We aim to become one of the major contributors in shaping and designing the future of a modern, sustainable and progressive India. We aim to simplify yet sophisticate building ideologies.

We strongly believe that sustainability is the answer to many of the problems we face today. Our designs address this crucial issue and we will continue to encourage sustainable building practices across the world.

KGD – A Katerra Design Partner envisions  to become  an architectural firm that inspires designers and professionals from around the world with our unique and innovative designs and constructive technology.